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At Edmonds Adventist Church, we are all about sharing the good news about Jesus with as many people as possible. You can help us with that mission by sharing a review of our church!


When you are considering visiting a restaurant for the first time, you probably check the reviews first. People do the same thing when they are looking for a new church! When you leave a review, consider what you would want to know about a church before visiting. You can include photos, be specific about why you love our church, and share why someone should visit us. Below are some example reviews people have left for our church: 


This church has been my home church for many years. Everyone is very friendly and compassionate. Pastor John is very special and is always concerned about our church family and our relatives and friends. 


It's a great place to worship Jesus and feel the warmth of His love through fellow believers!


Very friendly congregation, wise dedicated pastor. They have free little pantry out front for those who are hungry.


In the spring and summer, this place is great for weddings with two beautiful outdoor courtyards and a central aisle in the sanctuary. Side note for those who play Pokémon Go: this church is a Pokémon gym, so even if you don't want to enter the church, you can battle Pokémon from the nearby bus stop!


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