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Edmonds Evergreen Pathfinder Club

Registration 2021-2022

Follow the steps below to register for the current Pathfinder Year!

Step 1

Fill out the application documents listed below. You may scan these completed documents and email them to us at edmondsevergreen @gmail.com by August 28, or you can bring the completed documents with you to Edmonds Adventist Church on Registration Night to save yourself time.

Step 2 (Optional)

If you were a member of our club last year and will be entering 9th grade or higher and marked on your application form that you would like to begin our club's Teen Leadership Training program, you can get a head start on your TLT application by filling out the two documents linked below. Three recommendation forms are required for 1st year TLTs: one from a pastor, one from a teacher, and one from a Pathfinder Staff Member. You may scan the completed forms and email them to us by August 28 or you can bring them with you to Registration Night. The application must be renewed every year the Pathfinder is in the TLT program, but the recommendation forms are only required the first year a TLT applies.


Remember: You need 3 recommendations, one each from a pastor,  a teacher,  and a Pathfinder staff member

Step 3 (Optional)

If you marked on your Pathfinder Application that you would like to participate in Pathfinder Bible Experience this year (a national Bible study competition for Pathfinders), then you can get a head start on paperwork for that event by filling out the event photo/video waiver (distinct from the regular club waiver) and the practice time availability survey linked below.

Step 4

Review the current club handbook. This contains the expectations for parents and Pathfinders who participate in our club. You will find information about uniforms and dress code, appropriate conduct, safety, and other club-related information. You will want to review the handbook each year and bring any questions you have to the club director on Registration Night. You can also email your questions to the club director at edmondsevergreen@gmail.com any time. We will ask you to show us the signature page in the handbook at the first official Pathfinder meeting of the year as proof that you have familiarized yourself with our club policies.

Step 5

Come to registration night! At registration night, you will get to meet other Pathfinder families and learn about how the club operates, as well as rent uniform dress shirts (cheaper than purchasing them). This is also the time to decide whether to pay the year's dues up front or monthly as works best for your family. Any financial questions and concerns can be addressed here. We want every Pathfinder to be able to participate without undo financial difficulty. Your club dues pay for the honors and patches your Pathfinder earns during the year and materials for classes taught by our volunteer staff. There are optional additional fees to participate in campouts and most off-campus events. These can be reviewed, along with the costs for dress uniform components and field uniform shirts in the Dues Worksheet linked below. This document must be filled out at Registration Night, along with the dress shirt rental form.


Registration Night

August 28 @ 4PM

At 4PM we celebrate the accomplishments of last year's Pathfinders and staff. It is important that every Pathfinder and their family attend this event. This is where your Pathfinder will be assigned to their unit and where their registration will be officially completed. For the benefit of new and returning families, we always review the club policies at this event. This is also a great opportunity to meet the staff and to ask questions of the club director.

Club Orientation Program

August 28 @ 5PM

This meeting is required for all staff and Teen Leaders in Training. Following Registration Night activities, we will meet for a more in-depth exploration of club operation and official TLT assignments for the year.