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Official Mission Statement

“The North American Division Pathfinder Ministries is an organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, dedicated to meeting the social, physical, mental, and spiritual developmental needs of junior and teen youth by challenging the Pathfinder to experience a personal relationship with Christ, having a sense of achievement and responsibility, and developing respect for God’s creation including his fellow man.”

Goals of the Pathfinder Club:

  • Encourage individual spiritual growth
    • Pathfinders are challenged and supported by their unit counselors to study God's word and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that will last them for the rest of their lives.  Staff demonstrate by example what it means to walk with God.  Although Pathfinders do not have to be Adventist or Christian to join Pathfinders, spiritual discovery is a key part of the curriculum every year and Pathfinders are encouraged to be active participants in their home churches. 
  • Develop the Pathfinder’s appreciation for nature and a concern for the environment.
    • During campouts, nature hikes, and while earning nature honors, Pathfinders learn firsthand about the creative power of God and learn ways to protect the environment.
  • Teach Pathfinders useful skills and hobbies.
    • Pathfinders learn to make things out of wood, plastic, clay, yarn, and other materials.  They gain satisfaction through learning how things work and getting to be creative with their hands.  Honors in career fields such as engineering, agriculture, tailoring, and accounting are available for Pathfinders to earn either as a group or as their own interest directs them.
  • Help keep Pathfinders physically fit.
    • Physical activities including hiking, camping, swimming, and team-based games keep kids moving.  Pathfinders are also encouraged to participate in fitness programs both at home and school designed to promote healthy lifestyles. 
  • Provide opportunities to develop leadership skills.
    • Pathfinders are encouraged to lead out in club meetings, participate in event and meeting planning, and practice taking responsibility for themselves.  Teen Pathfinders have the opportunity to participate in Teen Leadership Training (TLT) which is a special facet of the program to help them transition from participants to future leaders and staff members.  The skills they learn in this program can be applied to all areas of their teen and adult lives.
  • Develop a balanced physical, mental, social, and spiritual life.
    • Pathfinder curriculum is developed into levels by age and each level is further divided into the following components:
      • Personal Growth
        • Spiritual Discovery
          • Serving Others
            • Making Friends
              • Health and Fitness
                • Nature Study
                  • Outdoor Living
                    • Honor Enrichment