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Investiture Achievement

Both individually and as a unit with their peers, Pathfinders work toward completing the following curriculum levels based on their age and grade level.


Friend -- Fifth Grade

Companion -- Sixth Grade

Explorer -- Seventh Grade

Ranger -- Eighth Grade

Voyager -- Ninth Grade

Guide -- Tenth Grade

Master Guide -- The top award granted to Pathfinder ministry. This indicates a person's commitment to the ideals of Pathfindering and to the Pathfinder organization and often requires two or more years to complete.


Each Level of the Investiture Achievement has its own Record Journal, which lists the requirements, and provides space to document, journal, or record successful completion. One of these is purchased for each Pathfinder at the start of each Pathfinder year (usually in September). 


The Basic level of the Investiture Achievement requirements are divided into seven tracks:


   Personal Growth

  Spiritual Discovery

 Serving Others

  Making Friends

  Health and Fitness

  Nature Study

  Outdoor Living


Pathfinders who want to be invested in the Advanced level must complete all basic requirements plus additional requirements as listed in each track. They will also earn many additional honors as they complete the requirements in the Honor Enrichment track.


Requirements can be met in a variety of ways based on how each individual Pathfinder learns best. Each year that a Pathfinder is invested and advances to the next level the tracks remain the same as the previous year. However, the activities to fulfill the requirements change in order to allow each Pathfinder the opportunities to participate in new experiences and challenges and to practice skills and use information previously learned.