The Deliverer: An Easter Musical

AUDITIONS: FEBRUARY 1 &2 5:00-8:00PM  |  8625 196th Street SW Edmonds, WA 98026



Actors of all ages are invited to audition and use their acting talents to share the gospel on the stage. 



Don't want to act, but you still want to help? We need you! Learn more about  how you can use your talents to bring this story to life!



Learn about the current production and the vision of the drama ministry team here. 

The Deliverer: An Easter Musical


Writer-Director Sophia Fullerton was inspired by Rich Mullins' song "My Deliverer is Coming" and Michael W Smith's "Agnus Dei" when she was a teen. Both songs felt perfect to make into a song drama for church. Inspired by an Easter musical she was part of in high school, she began to develop a feature-length song drama centered around this song and other dramatic instrumental pieces. The Deliverer is the culmination of years of development.

Story Highlights

In our broken world we suffer repeated tragedy. Why do our loved ones have to die? Why bad things happen to good people? What hope is there in the face of the evil we see around us? Discover how our relationship with God was severed and the hope we have in Jesus through a series of powerful scenes set to music. This epic story spans from the creation of the world to death's final defeat at the end of time.


We will not be charging admission for this performance. Instead, we are asking for donations of canned food to support the Edmonds Food Bank. 


We have limited capacity due to Covid restrictions. Because the performance venue is a church, there is no way to assign seats. Instead, we ask all attendees to RSVP below.

COVID-19 Safety

We value the safety of our performers, the production team, and our audience. We will adjust and update our safety protocols as the according to industry and CDC guidance.


Vaccination is strongly recommended, but not required for performers and volunteers.


Because we do not require proof of vaccination, masks will be required for all performers and crew members at all rehearsals and performances. This goes for audience members too.


All performers and crew members are to limit contact with props and with each other outside of what is needed during performance.


All props, costumes, and rehearsal areas will be cleaned after use. Abundant handsanitizer will be available.


Any performer or crew member experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms should contact the director right away and stay home from rehearsal until they can be tested for COVID-19. 

Audition Sign-Ups

Step 1

Complete the form below to save yourself time at the audition and help us get a head start on scheduling rehearsals. We have roles available for kids and adults. No headshots required!

Step 2

Click the link below to sign up for a specific time slot for your audition. Auditions run from 5-8PM Tuesday, February 1 and Wednesday, February 2. 


Step 3 

Come at least 15 minutes early to your audition. We will have audition sides available for you at the venue. We will also ask you to tell us an improvised story without words set to music we will provide you. We can't wait to see the talents God has blessed you with!

Join the Production Team

We are actively recruiting the following production team positions.

Stage Manager

  • Attend rehearsals and work closely with the director
  • Take notes on blocking and light/sound cues in a prompt script
  • Mark set for rehearsals
  • Manage stage hands


Recommended Skills: Strong organization and communication skills, an eye for details, ability to work under pressure, problem-solving and negotiation skills, able to confidently make decisions.

Costume Manager

  • Sew and/or find costumes for the show
  • Fit actors for costumes
  • Organize and label costumes
  • May recruit assistants to help with fitting, sewing, and/or dressing
  • Ensure costumes are ready by tech week

Recommended Skills: Organizational skills, an eye for detail, competent in sewing, ability to work alone or with others, ability to communicate and present ideas.

Lighting Designer

  • Work with the director and set designer to create effective and practical lighting using available systems
  • Operate lighting during the show or train assistants to do so
  • Take note of sound cues
  • Attend all technical rehearsals


Recommended Skills: Technical skills, ability to complete deadlines, good communicator, excellent color vision.

Sound Designer

  • Coordinate the playback of songs
  • Operate the soundboard during technical rehearsals and performances
  • Set up microphones and speakers
  • May recruit assistants, if needed


Recommended Skills: Able to hear, technical knowledge, attention to detail, good communication, work well alone or in a team, able to problem-solve quickly when things go wrong, patience, concentration, focus.

Set Designer

  • Design sets for the show
  • Recruit and work with volunteers to build set pieces and locate set dressing
  • Work with the director and lighting designer to ensure the set functions practically


Recommended Skills: Design skills and knowledge, attention to detail, initiative, verbal communication skills, creative, work well in a team.

House Manager

  • Ensure the foyer and entrance areas are clean and bathrooms are stocked
  • Welcome the audience as they arrive
  • Watch over the canned food drop and thank everyone who contributes
  • Manage ushers and assist in the event of a disruptive audience member
  • Manage audience in the event of an emergency


Recommended Skills: communication and team management skills, able to multitask, observant, confident in handling complaints.